Love Spawns Creativity
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Created by: Andre Drekidd Simmons/ Thurz

"A labor of love".... I am of the belief that when you love something it sparks a unique sense of creativity but also inspires you to persist when things are not always so easy.

The Love Spawns Creativity project is a animated documentary that looks to shed light on the trials and tribulations one goes through in pursuit of getting out their dreams as well as spotlight the origin story of how one came to fall in love with their given craft in the first place.

In this episode, Inglewood's own, Thurz talks about his early influences and motivation to always "create something new". Always willing to put his Blood On The Canvas, Thurz represents love spawning creativity to the fullest. Truly grateful to have partnered up with an artist of his caliber to bring this concept to life.

-Andre Drekidd Simmons, LSC